The Best Wedding Card Box Ideas

Many guests mail their gifts to newlyweds. It’s convenient and simple. However, some still prefer to bring their presents to the wedding. That’s why it’s better to set up a beautiful place with a wedding card box where they could drop off the gifts and honey fund checks. Depending on the wedding theme, the place can be decorated in the classic, vintage, or modern style. Let’s discuss some of the most popular solutions and ideas for wedding card boxes.

The general overview

First of all, the couple should pick the card box that will reflect their personality. However, it should match the reception style as well. That’s why regardless of the idea you like, it should be adjusted to the colors you use for other wedding decorations. The most popular options nowadays are:

  • A vintage suitcase is the best solution if you have a retro wedding. Just pick a really old suitcase and turn it into the card box or buy the ready-made one online. This will enhance the vintage style of the event.
  • Some couples make a dapper piñata and ask their guests to put their cards inside. You should use this idea only if it goes with the wedding theme. Otherwise, it’ll look odd and unnecessary.
  • Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one. Get a mailbox and paint it in gold, silver, or any other color that will fit. It’s a stylish and convenient solution.
  • One of the original ideas is to use an upcycled shelving unit. It’ll definitely stand out and become a great decoration element at the reception.
  • Create a wedding card box by taking a simple wooden box and adding fancy letters on it. The same method can be applied to any other box-like object: a picnic basket, a birdcage, etc.
  • Buy an acrylic box customized with your wedding logo. It’s a great idea for those who have a logo used on other wedding elements like invitations, napkins, etc.

Ways to get the wedding card box

The list can go on and will be limited by your imagination only. Depending on the time you have for preparations and your desire to stay unique, you can make a wedding card box yourself. Just pick the object you find suitable for letters and decorate to your taste. An alternative way is to order the handmade card box. A professional will customize it to our taste and reception theme.

Finally, if you don’t really care about the way this box will look like or you prefer to entrust such details to the wedding planner, you can get some more traditional options in the store. There are plenty of options and possibilities. A lot depends on the wedding scale, the number of guests, and your taste.

The bottom line

Regardless of the idea you pick, this is going to be a wonderful decoration element that will add uniqueness and style to such an important event.

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