What are the Most Popular White Wedding Ideas?

A white wedding is as classic as it can get. Many people pick this theme because it has everything: style, elegance, purity. It’s something time has no control over. While plenty of themes come and go, get outdated, etc. While remains the golden standard and will always make us think about weddings. Let’s get to know more about white weddings and ideas related to this color scheme.

Top 5 ideas to get inspired

  • Completely white invitations can help you stand out. This is the first sign of the style. If you plan on going with an all-white theme, make sure the invitations also fit the description.
  • Another interesting idea you can adjust to your event is the white dresses for bridesmaids. They can have simpler dresses, small bouquets, and a totally different style. They’ll never upstage the bride but will look harmonically.
  • Speaking of bouquets, all-white wedding implies all-white flowers. This is an ultimate accessory that will add a touch of style and chic.
  • Don’t forget about the future husband and pick the right colors for him and his ushers. Although they are unlikely to wear all-white, it’s possible to find a compromise and pick some pale colors. For instance, pastel blue will look good in summer.
  • Remember about white color when you plan the reception. All the tables must have white linen; chairs can also have white elements. If you decorate the place with flowers, keep them white.

White weddings imply plenty of white little things. That’s why it’s essential to account for this when designing the menu, ordering cookie crumbles, choosing the table numbers, and, of course, the cake. Speaking of the latter, the white cake won’t look boring. Just use the Internet search to discover plenty of white cakes that look gorgeous. Add texture with icing, white sugar flowers, etc. It’ll not only be healthier without synthetic coloring but look stunning as well.

Useful tips on the white wedding theme

Although white is classics, you should be attentive and avoid blurring everything with white color. One of the ways to avoid that is to use different textures and some shades of other colors. For instance, you can’t write with white on the white menus. However, black won’t look good either. You can probably pick a shade of beige or the pale color that matches the groom’s clothes, etc.

If you feel confused about choosing certain wedding accessories, you can always use the Internet or Pinterest to help you out. There you’ll find plenty of ideas that have been brought to life. Just repeat them or adjust to your taste.

Finally, it’s better to put things down. This way you’ll avoid unnecessary expenses and will be able to see the things you already arranged for. Remember that details create the final impression. That’s why you can offer white umbrellas to the guests if your wedding is on a hot summer day or get the white cloth to decorate the place.

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