What Is The Objective of Home Ownershiip?

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The Dream Of Home Ownership Is Changing. Obama gave a speech shortly after taking office in 2008. The Speech was – If you are 50 years or older, you are finished. This is not about you it is about the new generation. You will not have time to recover. Think about this speech and the results of the economy. Currently unemployment is high. Jobs that are available are being scheduled for 29 hour work weeks. This means that people will have to work two jobs to fill the gap of lower income. Working 60 hours a week is tough. I did it and you have no personal life. Big corporations are trying to give leadership to Obama but he is not listening, including Congress and the Senate. The American people are not listening. Congress and the Senate both Left and Right are debating to remove the interest rate tax deduction. This will cause homes to crash in value again. Your home was stolen and a new round of stealing is being engaged and you don’t even know it. Ignorant new home buyers don’t even know that utilities, taxes, and maintenance are higher than the house payment. This is progressive social control like gas prices at the pump.

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